Eat Better, Not Less

Be more aware of what you eat, it can be fun!

4 + Basic tips on healthy eating

If you’re willing to take on some serious advice on healthy eating, which of course is related to healthy food and education on the topic, then this article is for you. Perhaps if you came across this reading, then probably you have realized that healthy eating comes with awakening of conscience, preparation, and readiness to taste new flavors. As a result, as time goes by both collected information and willingness lead to habits that transform into a lifestyle, despite how cliché that might sound.

So, to break down this new lifestyle and take it little by little here are some things to take into account; first, healthy food is not necessarily equal to horribly-tasting food. Second, there are misleading myths about what healthy food is that could be in the way of being assertive in your new path.

Third, there are certain food elements that are considered as super healthy, this mean you cannot go wrong if you choose them in your daily diet. Fourth, learning some healthy recipes as you are starting this new path will be very handy in blue days, and finally, readings about people that choose to eat healthier is always a smart plus along the way.

1. Healthy Food Can Be Delicious

Everyone knows that every diner guest should take pleasure in eating; this means that a dish must trigger a set of pleasing flavors to enjoy. The key words here are pleasure and enjoy, two words that should be predominant in each eating experience. Keeping this in mind, I believe that the key to a pleasant and flavorful healthy dish comes from knowledge, food tasting, and practice.

The knowledge about flavors in vegetables, spices, herbs, fruits, cereals, grains and animal proteins is key to assure tasty combinations. In addition to it, is important to remember that healthy food is not necessarily equal to vegetarian food, vegan food or raw food. Therefore, some nutritional advice on your preferred lifestyle with a healthy twist on the side will keep you interested and satisfied.

2. Myths about Healthy Food

Many misleading myths could be standing in the way of your new lifestyle, one of them is if you are in a vegetarian diet, then you are eating healthy. The truth about this myth is that there is a possibility that it could be truth, but it depends on what you eat and not what on what you don’t eat. So, don’t think that just because you are not eating meat the you’re automatically eating healthy.

Another great example of health eating myth is legumes and grains will cover the space that meat used to occupy. This one is far from reality; the truth is you need a set and a mix of amino acids to get through the day. Yes, legumes and grains are an awesome source of fiber, vitamins, minerals and are high proteins but they need more elements to fully occupy the place a complete protein, such as animal meat, once had.

3. Super Healthy Foods are a safe bet!

A great thing about super healthy foods is that many of them need little to no preparation. This means you could bring them as a snack and they would not even take you 5 minutes to prepare them. The large list of super healthy foods includes fruits and berries, some of them are blueberries, strawberries, cherries, and raspberries that are rich in antioxidants and are highly nutritional.

Among the fruits there are Bananas, apples, pineapples and avocados; the latter are an incredible source of healthy fats, vitamin C, potassium and fiber. In the same way, bananas are high in potassium, fiber and vitamin B6.

  4. Healthy Recipes

If knowledge, food-tasting, and practice are the base of a tasty dish, then healthy recipes are the patterns and the blueprints to built up a great and nutritional meal. So, healthy low-carbs recipes, easy and healthy recipes, Muffins with blueberry, orange, and whole grains to boost your energy get fundamental to have fun while creating a nutritional meal.

Not all of us have the Chef vain in our system, so recipes are a great guide to discover why that chef or cook chose to combine certain flavors. Also, they are a great way to know many products from around the world that would enlarge your flavor palette.

The plus element in this tip article is to encourage you to let yourself be available to find others that have decided to add a healthier dynamic component in their everyday life. A community, friends, or allies do help to enrich new recipes and practices. To sum up, get yourself out there and find a new community to share and learn.

5 Fruit bowl recipes you are gonna die to try!

Summer is almost here (not really) but I have always lived my life as if summer is around the corner and it is not just me, people are always begging for summer to come over and it is such a fun and nice time that anyone would die to live in a all summer planet, you have relaxing afternoons and lazy morning, fantastic nights and dreamy sunsets, and it is also my favorite clothes season so along with my nicest outfit and my already planned summer, one of the things i can not give up on is the juicy and tasty food that comes out from the summer, as hot as brazilian website, 🔥

The earth is so knowing that even it knows when is the best time for things, patient and cautelous it provides us from amazing gifts that we are soon quick to take, fruits are one of those amazing things earth has for us, they are so sweet and tasty and can bring more benefits to you life than you could ever imagine, fruits are the best thing that’s ever happened to us and we can be a little foolish to take it for granted.

So I encourage you to be respectful with nature and its gifts for us and provide of respect where respect it is due, let’s enjoy these fruits but also be thankful about them.

Strawberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

This bowl combines freshness and sweetness and a whole lot of fresh fruits and benefits for your health, it is so refreshing and tasty that will want to try it no matter what! It is made with a lot of fiber so you can be sure it is gonna lift you up and be very satisfied so no chance of cheating with candy or such, make sure the strawberries are fresh so it will be a very refreshing meal.

Matcha Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl

Japanese know their nutrients, matcha is part of their meal as we have nutribullet-made juices, with this bowl you will be ready to face anything, it is so full of antioxidants that will not have to worry about getting sick, this is the solution for a weak immunological system and the best part is that it is so tasty and yummy. Incorporate some matcha powder in your fruit bowl and blend it! You will thank us.

Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

Nothing like starting the day with a fresh and juicy fruit, it says a lot about us how we choose to spend our breakfast and this time, we come bearing this gift, a bowl so sweet and tasty that you might want to have it all day long, enjoy a tasty blueberry bowl with the most fresh ingredients, this is an amazing choice for a breakfast if you are avoiding meat and gluten! Two important ingredients this bowl has are: an overwhelming tasty flavour and lots of fiber that will add on to your diet making it perfect for those days you feel swollen or when it is easier than cook some eggs.

Blueberry Banana Crunch Bowl

Prepare yourself for a tasty crunchy treat, one specially made for those lazy sundays or those days where no one wants to cook. Being healthy can be a little of a hasle sometimes, and it requires a little bit more of time than a regular meal, you have to find fresh ingredients and maybe have an exact dosage of what you are gonna consume, the same as selecting the amount of videos you’ll see from xxx websites like samba porno. This banana bowl will be a perfect meal for your diary-free diet, add some oatmeal for a crunchy texture, bananas and some blueberries, they will lift you for the whole day and make you feel awake and energized.

Blissful Berry Smoothie Bowl

You can have both of the best worlds with this recipe, a little bit of sour and a little bit of sweetness to start your day, this cherry,

Foods that will make foreplay a little bit more fun

Sometimes routine can be hard, you are used to wake up, shower, eat, go to work, maybe kiss your partner goodbye, work, get home, eat, maybe shower, go to sleep and that’s your same schedule for the next day, it is tiring and sometimes it might even make you forget about your partner, there is simply not enough time for yourself, let alone for you and your partner, so it is something you rather not deal with, maybe on the weekend, maybe never, yet as your partner drifts away and you get a lot more busier than normal, time will never stop for any of you so it is best if you put hands on the theme and try to improve your relationship with that special person, the person who’s been holding us for so long and the person whos gonna stay there even if we don’t have time for them.

So it has been a recurring thought, they way some people choose to live their own sexuality, you might have some strange kinks and your partner either likes it or likes you too  much for them to tell you, yet there is something for everyone, what you find pleasurable, your partner might find funny, and so it goes. Food is something to add in the bedroom, it is so fun and easy to get, you only need a quick trip to the grocery store, set the mood, play some nice tunes, dim the lights and you and your partner will be set for an estimulating and sexy treat.


“One of the benefits of being in a committed relationship is that you and your partner have the opportunity to ‘sexplore’ each other,” you can spend your whole life trying to figure what makes your partner horny, and the best way to find out is asking them and exploring things in your own bedroom.

“There’s an aggression to eating, a sexiness to licking your fingers and using your hands”.


Keep it sweet.

I am sure you are not pleased with the idea of some chili and savory stuff, those can harm your skin and if you are not careful enough it might hurt your or your partner’s eyes and skin, so let’s forget about that an concentrate on some sweet flavours, they are a nice option for some foreplay, remember the food is the appetizer and sex is the whole treat, so stay focus and find some berries, cherries and mango slices you can play with, you can even use a blindfold to make things more interesting, the thing is that you have to be patient and be involved with making your partner feel comfortable and not funny.


It is simply the best treat for some sexy time, you can add some and immediately everything changes, the flavour being strong and so chocolate-y will set up the mood, dip some fingers and make some eye contact and your lover will definitely find you more arousing than their are used to, food like chocolate can set the mood so quickly you can barely can keep up.

Remember that food might be fun but you can not put some on you or your lovers private parts, it can be highly irritating and it might cause some itch and cause infections, so be safe, be fun and be careful.


Yes it will make everything sticky and sweet but it is so worth it, you can put some on your lover’s body and start from there, lick everything off and maybe play with your lover’s mouth, add a finger and play with their tongue, as you lick that honey off their heart is gonna explode and you might find it fun to see your lover so hopelessly turned on.

So remember, bringing some food along in the bedroom can be such fun and tasty activity for you and your lover but you must be extra careful not to put them in their eyes or on their genitals, and make sure to explore your partner’s whole body as I am sure they will love to explore yours, have fun!

Aphrodisiac foods for this 2018

There has to be a little edge in our lives, those moments that are a little bit out of our own comfort zone and cotidianity, we find that those moments are unique and somehow bring something interesting to our normality.  At the end of the day we all wanna do is enjoy life and be a little but more comfortable, maybe relax and find that in a moment you are alive.

There is nothing more fun than speculate about things, we are not entirely sure why we believe some things we believe, that is like with ghosts, numerology even a little bit like looking forward reading you horoscope from time time, we believe things and we can’t even explain ourselves why, theres something like magic surrounding us and carry us like we are on a fantasy land.

Aphrodisiac food is a leap into the unknown, a lot of speculation disguised in strange, out-of-your-comfort-zone flavours that might give you a little push for the day, who needs chemicals like viagra when you can do it in a natural, not-chemical way, there has been found that some food makes you be on the mood and can make you feel alive and passionate, there is people who might not even notice how some food can put them so quick into the mood for some intimate time with your partner.


This one is kind of  the cliché one, the one you have seen in movies and you have wondered, is that really tasty, or necessary for that matter since oysters are known to be cleaning the sea, we can only wonder if they are tasty or not. Yet it’s have been found that oysters are really high in zinc and are really popular among those to seek some love and babies, yes!, even the 18th century lover Casanova knew it, he used to have 50 of those for breakfast

A team of american and italian researchers analysed them and found that they were really rich in amino acids which increases the levels of sex hormones.


Yes they are even hot to begin with, one little taste and the whole sense of eating changes, not doubt it is quite a sweat-inducing situacion, this spice has got one exotic reputation you can even see it in their colour, red a symbol of love and passion it looks like it was meant to be such a invigorating spice. Chilli stimulates endorphins, one of the brain’s favourite chemicals since it triggers all feel-good chemicals in your brain, so you can expect a fast beating heart and sweat that will put some excitement in you life.


This might be one of my favorites, this amazingly tasty fruit is universally liked, avocado has very rich fats, they can be good for your hair and now your sex drive, even the aztecs knew, they used to know avocado as an aphrodisiac food since even its shape it is kind of sexual, they would name an avocado tree a testicle tree, the shape of the fruit it is not helped by its color, since it has a very dar one it has been affiliated with those of the males genitalia and even when they are high on the treem they dangle by pair, making it more accurate to their given name.

The highest levels on vitamin E takes the edge off and makes you feel ready for action since its role it to maintain “youthful vigor and energy level”.


This one is a tasty one and you will not be surprised to know about. Chocolate is very sexy, even when your boyfriend brings some to you, you feel like it is a very special situacion and comes with a very intense feeling, the one after you bit some good dark chocolate, it makes you feel invigorated and ready for some sensual time since it can spike dopamine, one of those feel-good chemicals your brain loves so much.


Red food is sensual food, it is a little bit funny how this color can induce such feelings on us and it is been widely spread that red is sex and red is sexy, a color for your lips, a color for sexy lingerie, cherries are the perfect red, put that together with some chocolate and you will have a rich and sensual situation, the fruit is full with feel-good vitamins like A, E and C, it has a large quantity of potassium, magnesium, iron and folate.

Make your diet a little bit more italian after reading this!

What do you think when you read the words: “italian food?”.

I bet you would think it is tasty, delicious, aromatic, amazing, etc, and it is! The reason so many italian dishes are so deliciously guilty inducing are because most of them are misunderstood. Many italian dishes are so rich in flavour we think there must be something “wrong” in it for it to be so exquisitely delicious.

Italian recipes are one of the most sought out when people try “alternative, original” diets, so you can eat better, and never eat less. We must think in a different way about carbs and how beneficial for a healthy diet they are.

We should take in count that in Italy, there’s a lot of love for porn websites such as lupoporno and most elder people just buy magazines like in the old days, so that’s why we have to take in count the traditions, it may sound weird comparison, but it’s similar, young people are constantly merging traditions and today’s new awareness on eating.


You probably think there is nothing as fattening as pasta, and yes, it is a great protein source yet scientists believe that whole grains can improve a healthy balanced diet, grains reduce type 2 diabetes and the risk of getting a stroke minimizes adding whole grains to your diet.


I bet you have thought, “It is smells so delicious! – I probably can’t eat it!”. Well a very well seasoned food does not mean you are gonna develop a new chin, in fact it has been proved that garlic can lower the chances of getting cancer, and may prevent blood clotting, so you can balance a 30 minute walk with a well cooked pasta, some oil, garlic and tomato sauce.


It is only natural to be constantly worried about cancer If your family has a history with cancer, sometimes exercising is not enough and you must also add some dietary hacks only to be safe!, it has been studied that one of the reasons, besides being absolutely delicious, tomato is a recurrent ingredient on italian meals, the vegetable can prevent some cancers, they are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene.


Sometimes not even one cup is enough, you are having a good time, maybe with friends, maybe with yourself yet wine is there like a passive not aggressive friend reminding you why you must always smile. That is until you are on diet, suddenly not even a drop of ethyl alcohol can touch you. WRONG!

It has been found wine can regulate high blood pressure and it is a great source of really drunk-y antioxidants. So start acompaying your meal with some happy hour!

There are some benefits of eating italian food every day!

These are some key elements to take into account once you decide to start a tasty and healthy diet, like my italian moglie xxx , everyone is so obsessed about the minimum, yes, how much will I stop eating if I get into a diet? Or how many ingredients can I reduce for a healthy diet?, maybe you will be surprised to know that some of those ingredients that you might consider fattening are the most nutritious and absolutely necessary to add in you diet.


You might be surprised on how unhealthy that “healthy whole-grain” pasta you just bought is, many of the italian ingredients are chosen because their flavor and their processing. Many of italian ingredients are minimally processed like dairy, pasta, oil, bread are some of the key factors for a delicious italian meal, maybe you can mix it with some vegetables or fruits.


Many of the classic italian recipe ingredients are chosen not only because their amazing taste but also because these ingredients are so easy to find and many, for an optimum and whole protein inducing meal are so fresh that you can take them from your own DIY vegetable garden.

Such as new xnxx, we need new, fresh, italian and popular videos, we need it now and all days.


It is important to repair the body from within, even from a molecular aspect, the italian kitchen is full of , fresh and delicious ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants, eat that pasta and you will find that many of the italian dishes can contain a lot of key elements for a speedy metabolism and it will only help to detoxify it.


You have pasta, you have seeds like rice, lentils, beans, quinoa among others, you will have to be prepared to induce in such a rich and fully nutrient appetizer. The grains on fruit, vegetables, pasta, nuts, legumes and such help stabilize blood sugar and can reduce cholesterol.

Maybe you won’t be so afraid to add some italian ingredients to your new diet, we hope this article can help you keep an open mind about italian cuisine, its ingredients and traditions and we hope it can open a more broad acceptance about “carbs” and how beneficial they might be for us once you learn how to use them!