There has to be a little edge in our lives, those moments that are a little bit out of our own comfort zone and cotidianity, we find that those moments are unique and somehow bring something interesting to our normality.  At the end of the day we all wanna do is enjoy life and be a little but more comfortable, maybe relax and find that in a moment you are alive.

There is nothing more fun than speculate about things, we are not entirely sure why we believe some things we believe, that is like with ghosts, numerology even a little bit like looking forward reading you horoscope from time time, we believe things and we can’t even explain ourselves why, theres something like magic surrounding us and carry us like we are on a fantasy land.

Aphrodisiac food is a leap into the unknown, a lot of speculation disguised in strange, out-of-your-comfort-zone flavours that might give you a little push for the day, who needs chemicals like viagra when you can do it in a natural, not-chemical way, there has been found that some food makes you be on the mood and can make you feel alive and passionate, there is people who might not even notice how some food can put them so quick into the mood for some intimate time with your partner.


This one is kind of  the cliché one, the one you have seen in movies and you have wondered, is that really tasty, or necessary for that matter since oysters are known to be cleaning the sea, we can only wonder if they are tasty or not. Yet it’s have been found that oysters are really high in zinc and are really popular among those to seek some love and babies, yes!, even the 18th century lover Casanova knew it, he used to have 50 of those for breakfast

A team of american and italian researchers analysed them and found that they were really rich in amino acids which increases the levels of sex hormones.


Yes they are even hot to begin with, one little taste and the whole sense of eating changes, not doubt it is quite a sweat-inducing situacion, this spice has got one exotic reputation you can even see it in their colour, red a symbol of love and passion it looks like it was meant to be such a invigorating spice. Chilli stimulates endorphins, one of the brain’s favourite chemicals since it triggers all feel-good chemicals in your brain, so you can expect a fast beating heart and sweat that will put some excitement in you life.


This might be one of my favorites, this amazingly tasty fruit is universally liked, avocado has very rich fats, they can be good for your hair and now your sex drive, even the aztecs knew, they used to know avocado as an aphrodisiac food since even its shape it is kind of sexual, they would name an avocado tree a testicle tree, the shape of the fruit it is not helped by its color, since it has a very dar one it has been affiliated with those of the males genitalia and even when they are high on the treem they dangle by pair, making it more accurate to their given name.

The highest levels on vitamin E takes the edge off and makes you feel ready for action since its role it to maintain “youthful vigor and energy level”.


This one is a tasty one and you will not be surprised to know about. Chocolate is very sexy, even when your boyfriend brings some to you, you feel like it is a very special situacion and comes with a very intense feeling, the one after you bit some good dark chocolate, it makes you feel invigorated and ready for some sensual time since it can spike dopamine, one of those feel-good chemicals your brain loves so much.


Red food is sensual food, it is a little bit funny how this color can induce such feelings on us and it is been widely spread that red is sex and red is sexy, a color for your lips, a color for sexy lingerie, cherries are the perfect red, put that together with some chocolate and you will have a rich and sensual situation, the fruit is full with feel-good vitamins like A, E and C, it has a large quantity of potassium, magnesium, iron and folate.