Sometimes routine can be hard, you are used to wake up, shower, eat, go to work, maybe kiss your partner goodbye, work, get home, eat, maybe shower, go to sleep and that’s your same schedule for the next day, it is tiring and sometimes it might even make you forget about your partner, there is simply not enough time for yourself, let alone for you and your partner, so it is something you rather not deal with, maybe on the weekend, maybe never, yet as your partner drifts away and you get a lot more busier than normal, time will never stop for any of you so it is best if you put hands on the theme and try to improve your relationship with that special person, the person who’s been holding us for so long and the person whos gonna stay there even if we don’t have time for them.

So it has been a recurring thought, they way some people choose to live their own sexuality, you might have some strange kinks and your partner either likes it or likes you too  much for them to tell you, yet there is something for everyone, what you find pleasurable, your partner might find funny, and so it goes. Food is something to add in the bedroom, it is so fun and easy to get, you only need a quick trip to the grocery store, set the mood, play some nice tunes, dim the lights and you and your partner will be set for an estimulating and sexy treat.


“One of the benefits of being in a committed relationship is that you and your partner have the opportunity to ‘sexplore’ each other,” you can spend your whole life trying to figure what makes your partner horny, and the best way to find out is asking them and exploring things in your own bedroom.

“There’s an aggression to eating, a sexiness to licking your fingers and using your hands”.


Keep it sweet.

I am sure you are not pleased with the idea of some chili and savory stuff, those can harm your skin and if you are not careful enough it might hurt your or your partner’s eyes and skin, so let’s forget about that an concentrate on some sweet flavours, they are a nice option for some foreplay, remember the food is the appetizer and sex is the whole treat, so stay focus and find some berries, cherries and mango slices you can play with, you can even use a blindfold to make things more interesting, the thing is that you have to be patient and be involved with making your partner feel comfortable and not funny.


It is simply the best treat for some sexy time, you can add some and immediately everything changes, the flavour being strong and so chocolate-y will set up the mood, dip some fingers and make some eye contact and your lover will definitely find you more arousing than their are used to, food like chocolate can set the mood so quickly you can barely can keep up.

Remember that food might be fun but you can not put some on you or your lovers private parts, it can be highly irritating and it might cause some itch and cause infections, so be safe, be fun and be careful.


Yes it will make everything sticky and sweet but it is so worth it, you can put some on your lover’s body and start from there, lick everything off and maybe play with your lover’s mouth, add a finger and play with their tongue, as you lick that honey off their heart is gonna explode and you might find it fun to see your lover so hopelessly turned on.

So remember, bringing some food along in the bedroom can be such fun and tasty activity for you and your lover but you must be extra careful not to put them in their eyes or on their genitals, and make sure to explore your partner’s whole body as I am sure they will love to explore yours, have fun!