What do you think when you read the words: “italian food?”.

I bet you would think it is tasty, delicious, aromatic, amazing, etc, and it is! The reason so many italian dishes are so deliciously guilty inducing are because most of them are misunderstood. Many italian dishes are so rich in flavour we think there must be something “wrong” in it for it to be so exquisitely delicious.

Italian recipes are one of the most sought out when people try “alternative, original” diets, so you can eat better, and never eat less. We must think in a different way about carbs and how beneficial for a healthy diet they are.

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You probably think there is nothing as fattening as pasta, and yes, it is a great protein source yet scientists believe that whole grains can improve a healthy balanced diet, grains reduce type 2 diabetes and the risk of getting a stroke minimizes adding whole grains to your diet.


I bet you have thought, “It is smells so delicious! – I probably can’t eat it!”. Well a very well seasoned food does not mean you are gonna develop a new chin, in fact it has been proved that garlic can lower the chances of getting cancer, and may prevent blood clotting, so you can balance a 30 minute walk with a well cooked pasta, some oil, garlic and tomato sauce.


It is only natural to be constantly worried about cancer If your family has a history with cancer, sometimes exercising is not enough and you must also add some dietary hacks only to be safe!, it has been studied that one of the reasons, besides being absolutely delicious, tomato is a recurrent ingredient on italian meals, the vegetable can prevent some cancers, they are a great source of the antioxidant lycopene.


Sometimes not even one cup is enough, you are having a good time, maybe with friends, maybe with yourself yet wine is there like a passive not aggressive friend reminding you why you must always smile. That is until you are on diet, suddenly not even a drop of ethyl alcohol can touch you. WRONG!

It has been found wine can regulate high blood pressure and it is a great source of really drunk-y antioxidants. So start acompaying your meal with some happy hour!

There are some benefits of eating italian food every day!

These are some key elements to take into account once you decide to start a tasty and healthy diet, like my italian moglie xxx , everyone is so obsessed about the minimum, yes, how much will I stop eating if I get into a diet? Or how many ingredients can I reduce for a healthy diet?, maybe you will be surprised to know that some of those ingredients that you might consider fattening are the most nutritious and absolutely necessary to add in you diet.


You might be surprised on how unhealthy that “healthy whole-grain” pasta you just bought is, many of the italian ingredients are chosen because their flavor and their processing. Many of italian ingredients are minimally processed like dairy, pasta, oil, bread are some of the key factors for a delicious italian meal, maybe you can mix it with some vegetables or fruits.


Many of the classic italian recipe ingredients are chosen not only because their amazing taste but also because these ingredients are so easy to find and many, for an optimum and whole protein inducing meal are so fresh that you can take them from your own DIY vegetable garden.

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It is important to repair the body from within, even from a molecular aspect, the italian kitchen is full of , fresh and delicious ingredients rich in vitamins and antioxidants, eat that pasta and you will find that many of the italian dishes can contain a lot of key elements for a speedy metabolism and it will only help to detoxify it.


You have pasta, you have seeds like rice, lentils, beans, quinoa among others, you will have to be prepared to induce in such a rich and fully nutrient appetizer. The grains on fruit, vegetables, pasta, nuts, legumes and such help stabilize blood sugar and can reduce cholesterol.

Maybe you won’t be so afraid to add some italian ingredients to your new diet, we hope this article can help you keep an open mind about italian cuisine, its ingredients and traditions and we hope it can open a more broad acceptance about “carbs” and how beneficial they might be for us once you learn how to use them!