Summer is almost here (not really) but I have always lived my life as if summer is around the corner and it is not just me, people are always begging for summer to come over and it is such a fun and nice time that anyone would die to live in a all summer planet, you have relaxing afternoons and lazy morning, fantastic nights and dreamy sunsets, and it is also my favorite clothes season so along with my nicest outfit and my already planned summer, one of the things i can not give up on is the juicy and tasty food that comes out from the summer, as hot as brazilian website, 🔥

The earth is so knowing that even it knows when is the best time for things, patient and cautelous it provides us from amazing gifts that we are soon quick to take, fruits are one of those amazing things earth has for us, they are so sweet and tasty and can bring more benefits to you life than you could ever imagine, fruits are the best thing that’s ever happened to us and we can be a little foolish to take it for granted.

So I encourage you to be respectful with nature and its gifts for us and provide of respect where respect it is due, let’s enjoy these fruits but also be thankful about them.

Strawberry Acai Smoothie Bowl

This bowl combines freshness and sweetness and a whole lot of fresh fruits and benefits for your health, it is so refreshing and tasty that will want to try it no matter what! It is made with a lot of fiber so you can be sure it is gonna lift you up and be very satisfied so no chance of cheating with candy or such, make sure the strawberries are fresh so it will be a very refreshing meal.

Matcha Mint Chip Smoothie Bowl

Japanese know their nutrients, matcha is part of their meal as we have nutribullet-made juices, with this bowl you will be ready to face anything, it is so full of antioxidants that will not have to worry about getting sick, this is the solution for a weak immunological system and the best part is that it is so tasty and yummy. Incorporate some matcha powder in your fruit bowl and blend it! You will thank us.

Blueberry Buckwheat Breakfast Bowl

Nothing like starting the day with a fresh and juicy fruit, it says a lot about us how we choose to spend our breakfast and this time, we come bearing this gift, a bowl so sweet and tasty that you might want to have it all day long, enjoy a tasty blueberry bowl with the most fresh ingredients, this is an amazing choice for a breakfast if you are avoiding meat and gluten! Two important ingredients this bowl has are: an overwhelming tasty flavour and lots of fiber that will add on to your diet making it perfect for those days you feel swollen or when it is easier than cook some eggs.

Blueberry Banana Crunch Bowl

Prepare yourself for a tasty crunchy treat, one specially made for those lazy sundays or those days where no one wants to cook. Being healthy can be a little of a hasle sometimes, and it requires a little bit more of time than a regular meal, you have to find fresh ingredients and maybe have an exact dosage of what you are gonna consume, the same as selecting the amount of videos you’ll see from xxx websites like samba porno. This banana bowl will be a perfect meal for your diary-free diet, add some oatmeal for a crunchy texture, bananas and some blueberries, they will lift you for the whole day and make you feel awake and energized.

Blissful Berry Smoothie Bowl

You can have both of the best worlds with this recipe, a little bit of sour and a little bit of sweetness to start your day, this cherry,